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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Lagos


1. Are the vehicles self-drive? 

No, all vehicles come with a chauffeur and are only driven by the allocated drivers. 


2. Who buys fuel for the vehicle? 

All vehicles are inclusive of fuel at the start of the rental period. However, if the fuel runs out due to the multiple journeys, you will have to refill the fuel for the rest of the journey. 


3. Are the vehicles documented? 

All vehicles are fully documented, insured, and tracked.  


4. Can I cancel or change my booking? 

Unfortunately, we do not refund on cancellation. Furthermore, change of date cancellation will incur an additional 40% of the total rental value. 


5. How many hours is a typical rental day? 

A typical day is between 7 am - 7 pm (12 hours). Extra hours commence after the 12-hour period with additional charges. 


6. What areas do you cover within Lagos? 

We cover all areas within Lagos. However, any journey past Lekki -Ajah (Island) or Berger/ Iyana Ipaja (Mainland) is considered outside Lagos.  


7. Can I go inter-state with the hired vehicle? 

Yes, however, inter-state travel is charged at a slightly different rate. 


8. Can I confirm my booking immediately? 

Full payment will be required for the booking to be confirmed 


9. Are there any other rental information & services? 

  • Mopol services  

  • Airport protocol  

  • No smoking inside the vehicle 

  • No insult or abuse on the driver 



Auto International


1. What identifications do I need?  

Depending on your country of permanent residence, we will require the following forms of identification from you at Vehicle pick-up. You must bring original proof of the required documents. Photocopies or other copies will not be accepted. 


2. Can I book as a UK Resident? 

A full driving license valid for the entire Rental Period and 2 forms for Proof of Address not older than 3 months at the time of vehicle pickup. If the driving license does not contain a photograph of the driver, then additional proof of ID will be required in the form of a passport or National ID card. 


3. Can I book as a Non-UK Resident?

If you are living outside the United Kingdom, in addition to your driving license, we require a passport or ID card valid for at least 3 months beyond the end of the Rental Period. There can be no visa exemptions in the Passport for the period of 6 months before the end of the Rental Period. 


4. What are the Driving Licence Requirements? 

You and all approved drivers must be in possession of a full, valid driving license for at least one year. Furthermore, the following conditions apply depending on the issuing country of the driving license. 


  • EU Driving Licences 

Valid driving licenses from all other EU countries are accepted in the UK without further preconditions. 


  • All Other Licences 

Driving licenses printed in non-Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, and Cyrillic) must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit. 

For Chinese driving licenses, no International Driving Permit is required, however, you must provide a valid translation form for the license. 

Indian driving licenses will require an International Driving Permit if the original license does not contain a small electronic chip on the front of the card. 

For all non-European license holders, it is the responsibility of the renter to check whether an international Driving Permit is required. 

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