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Do you have a car of your own? Do you rarely use it? Do you feel like you are unnecessarily spending on its maintenance when you hardly use it? Then you need not have to worry at all. Instead of leaving the car in your garage, you can give your car on rent to Auto Express. This is going to earn you some decent money.


We will list your car on our platform and rent it out as it's requested. The amount that you can earn depends on the number of rides it is taking per day. 

This service only applies to Auto Lagos

      How It works

  • Complete the form

  • We will do a quick inspection of the vehicle 

  • We start renting out your vehicle and your earn

Requirements to take care:

  • The condition of your car is very important. If your car is an old car, then you can take it to your car mechanic and get it checked so that there will not be any kind of problem.

  • All documents of the car must be in force. Any papers which are expired have to be renewed in order to get your car on the job immediately.

  • Not all cars can be used for commercial purposes. So, you will have to make sure that you have a permit to use the car for commercial purposes, or else it is going to be waste of time and money as well.

In a nutshell

  • Reliability and transparency - you'll always be up to date with the rental bookings, and you'll always be made aware of the rental bookings with our clear and straightforward invoices

  • Account management – We will manage and control the rates and you get credited in relation to the contract agreement, keeping track of the spending and charges

  • Problem-solving – we work around you, which is why our customer service team is on hand for extended business hours to assist with any query you may have

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