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Why Auto Express?

Auto Express's extensive experience and expertise in the automotive industry are invaluable. We provide accurate and up-to-date information on various makes and models, that align with client's preferences and budgets. Auto Express's established network of reputable dealerships and access to exclusive deals and discounts gives us a significant advantage.

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Our Service


Our business asset finance allows you to access new vehicles that stimulate your personal and business growth. You can invest in new vehicle assets without interrupting your cash flow.

Asset financing might be an option if:

  • You need an expensive asset for your business but can’t afford to buy it upfront.

  • You would rather spread payments over time.

  • You prefer to rent, rather than buy the equipment. 

Purchase Offers


We have access to unlimited resources – dealers and financial institutions, thereby being able to offer a quick turn-around for our customers.


Our Asset Finance facility offers a very competitive rate and allows you the outright purchase of the vehicle or to spread the vehicle purchase payments over a period of time.

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We make buying a worthwhile experience.

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